Collection and analysis

RadioInspector stores all collected data in digital format. The stored spectrum can be re-produced and re-played enabling all detected signals to be available for processing after the detection event.

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Impressive flexibility
I_RemoteCheck option

Local and remote control of modern Radio Frequency receivers and spectrum analyzers.

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High compatibility
List of supported devices

RadioInspector works with almost all modern Radio Frequency receivers and spectrum analyzers capable of being connected to a computer.

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IQ post-processing and analysis

IQ_ProcessPRO supports analysis, post processing and demodulation of all of standards supported by RadioInspector software with DTest opiton enabled

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Geo-information system support
GEO option

Measurement results are retained with GPS information providing geo-spatial coordinates.

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Effective detection of clandestine or illicit signals using differences in panoramic display spectral masks, by displaying signal characteristics on a unique axis-variable 3 dimensional waterfall display, using geo-graphically diverse antennas for signal power difference detection, incorporating adjustable thresholds for signal detection, automatically providing an ‘exceedance list’ of signals that exceed defined thresholds



Comprehensive software tools for detection and recognition of low probability of intercept and complex clandestine signals which use sophisticated cloaking techniques: frequency division multiple access (FDMA), short burst transmissions, ultra wideband and noise-like emissions, masking as authorized signals and narrow-band transmission (snuggling) in authorized spectrum



Possibility of delayed analysis and processing of measurement results. Initial measurement results saved in database in amplitude-frequency format, linked to measurement time, geographic coordinates of the measurement point. At a later stage it is possible to make the same actions over the saved data as over data measured in real time format: display spectrum of signals during source data acquisition in real time and in accelerated mode; perform other complex processing.

How It Works

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RadioInspector performs continual scanning of frequency ranges (e.g. F1 to F2 scans)

It also can continuously scan lists of discrete frequencies entered into its database manually by the operator or by an operator provided utility script. All received signal information and spectral displays (traces, waterfalls etc) associated with a scan are stored as a signal trace file. Each measurement (signal spectrum, frequency range panoramic trace) in the database corresponds to the time of occurrence, and geospatial coordinates obtained using a GPS receiver (if used).

Record, study and editing of demodulated audio signals

AM and FM analogue signals demodulation is possible for instruments that send a real-time flow of IQ data. Demodulation is possible over any frequency range provided by the instrument – from the maximum down to 200 Hz. For AM signals phase- locked loop techniques may be possible. For receivers with audio output recording, analysing and editing low-frequency demodulated audio signals is performed by the computer's sound card.

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Measurement of radio frequency spectrum and signal parameters

RadioInspector has a radio frequency signal expert analysis subsystem that performs parameter measurement and saves results in to the database. This includes frequency bandwidth measurements by the β/2 method (Recommendation ITU-R SM.328-10), frequency bandwidth by –N level dB, signal detector selection, measurement time and averaging averages allows high quality measurements of complex signals to be performed and correctly estimates parameters of transmitters operating in various modes. Results are displayed using signal spectrum graphs displayed in easy to interpret graphical user interfaces that enhance measurement screen.

Digital signal processing

RadioInspector's software engineers have developed a digital signal analysis option - "DTEST" ("Digital Test"). This option is designed for digital (software) demodulation of the most common communication standards and signals classification in accordance with these standards. DTest uses an array or a stream of IQ data transmitted by the instrument. The current version of RadioInspector's "DTest" option implements demodulators for the following communication standards: • AM and FM analogue signals; • DECT; • TETRA; • GSM; • BlueTooth; • APCO25 (voice demodulation); • DRM/MOTOTRBO (voice demodulation). If the measuring instrument can produce IQ data then the operator can perform analysis of the IQ data and analyze complex unknown source signals by use of IQ, phase and signal amplitude information.

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  • "RadioInspector RT with DTest? Huh, it was like a waterfall in a desert for us! Ultimate speed plus powerfull analyzis in the one package is the best solution, i ever met before...

    Daniel Andersson / Analytic of security enforcement

  • I am a radio engineer and work with three types of spectrum analyzers, which support IQ-data and used in our company: R&S, Signal Hound and Agilent. It really comes in handy to use just one software kit for three different analyzers instead three different software more money and less flexible.

    Anthony Yolkman / Network Security Group

  • "We use RadioInspector WiFi. It is a standalone device with software based on Linux. Just put it on the table for some hours and "voilà" your wireless network on your screen! All devices connected now and connected earlier, all MACs and names. Everything! Wow!

    Alexis Uchtgorf / NSG


What do I need to use RadioInspector?

You just need any capable radio receiver and a PC that fulfils following requirements:

  • Core i5 and higher
  • RAM 4GB and higher
  • HDD 256GB and more
  • USB 2.0 (for dongle connection)
These requirements depend on speed of your instrument.

Please, feel free to connect with our customer service manager to discuss any important questions! You also can clarify is your receiver compatible with our software or we should tune it.

How do I place order?

Fiduscrypt USG

How can I update my RadioInspector?

If you are already our customer you can update software for free with the exception of new options or options not included in your kit.

What if my receiver is not in list?

Just call or mail us and we will try to fix the problem if your receiver is not unique.