List of the supported instruments

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Advantest R3271, Advantest R3272, Advantest U3772

IFR 2394, IFR 2395, IFR 2397, IFR 2399, 3251, 3252, 3253, 3254

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E4401, E4401(1DR), E4401(1DR, UKB), E4402, E4402(1DR), E4402(1DR, UKB), E4403, E4404, E4404(1DR), E4404(1DR, UKB), E4405, E4405(1DR), E4405(1DR, UKB), E4407, E4407(1DR), E4407(1DR, UKB), E4407&Mixer119, E4408, E4411B, E4407B, E4440A, N9000A, N9010A, N9020A, N9030A, E9320B, N9340B, 54622A

MS27102A, MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E, MS2721A, MS2722C, MS2723C, MS2724C, MS2725C, MS2726C, MS8911B

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AOR AR8000, AOR AR8200, AOR AR8200 Mk2, AOR AR8200 Mk3, AOR AR8600, AOR AR8600 Mk2, AOR AR-3000, AOR AR-3000A, AOR AR5000, AOR AR5000+3, AOR AR5000A, AOR AR5000A+3, AOR AR5001D, AOR SR2200, AOR SR2000, AOR SR2000A, AOR AR-ALPHA, AOR AR-DV1

AV4051A, AV4051B, AV4051C, AV4051D, AV4051E, AV4051F, AV4051G, AV4051H

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HP 8560E, HP 8561E, HP 8562E, HP 8563E, HP 8564E, 8565E, HP 8590

Icom IC-R10, ICOM IC-R20, Icom IC-PCR100, Icom IC-PCR1000, Icom IC-PCR1500, Icom IC-R1500, Icom IC-PCR2500, Icom IC-R2500, Icom IC-R8500, Icom IC-R9500

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N6841A, N9342C, N9343C, N9344C, N9912A-104, N9912A-106, N9913A, N9914A, N9915A, N9916A, N9917A, N9918A, N9935A, N9936A, N9937A, N9938A, N9950A, N9951A, N9952A, N9960A, N9961A, N9962A

LG SA-930, LG NS-30, LG NS-132, LG NS-265

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Narda IDA 3106, Narda NRA-3000, Narda NRA-6000

ESIB (40), ESMD, FSU26, ESU50, FSO3, FSQ3, FSQ8, FSQ26, FSQ40, FSL3, FSL6, FSL18, FSV4, FSV7, FSV13, FSV30, FSV3030, FSV40, FSW8, FSW13, FSW26, FSW43, FSP3, FSP7, FSP13, FSP30, FSP31, FSP40, ESPI3, ESPI7, ESCI, FSC3, FSC6, FSH3, FSH3 option 23, FSH4, FSH6, FSH6 option 26, FSH8, FSH13, FSH18, FSH20, EM100 (3,5 GHz), EM100 (7 GHz), EM100+HF907, EB-200, EB200 D-Scan, ETL, FS300, PR100, PR100+HF907,

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Tektronix RSA-306B

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USRP B200, USRP B210

Willtek 9101

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