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The substitution of concepts in the TSCM

Let’s talk a bit about “classic radio monitoring” which does not solve problems of analysis and protection of digital information transmitted via radio channels. The question is: do we need such monitoring against up-to-date digital clandestine devices of interception of information?

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Internet of things is that a threat?

We will not consider merits and demerits of “internet of things” as there is a lot of information about it on the web. We also will not consider the vulnerabilities of these standards the article we`ve mentioned above is just one of them, but we would like to reflect the risk respectively to information leakage channels...

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RadioInspectorWiFi a new sight on the network analysis

It’s hard to find any other RF range so busy as a 2,4 GHz range. There are a lot of various signals on air: Bluetooth, ZigBee, analogue and digital cameras, remote access systems, microwave stoves etc. The more busy frequency range the more difficult to administrate and analyze it...

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How to capture an IQ stream?

It's hard to go over the top when we assess the importance of the IQ data for the contemporary digital communication analysis, because all digital standards based on IQ streams. That is why we can't detour this question and every operator must have an experience with operating IQ streams. Here you find a step-by-step algorithm, how to capture and save an IQ stream by RadioInspector software...

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