Local measurements and I_RemoteCheck option usage

Receivers and spectrum analyzers can be connected to any computer which is connected via a LAN or the Internet to another computer where RadioInspectorRT is running. This allows setting up of measuring instruments at remote locations to enable remote monitoring. Thus the RadioInspectorRT program can be run from different locations in a building, or between cities via a TCP/IP network including the internet.

Remote monitoring can often require several radio monitoring complexes located in different rooms, different areas of a city, different cities or geographic regions. While each radio control complex is engaged in 24/7 radio monitoring within a specified frequency range, controlling the operation of all data collection points requires the operator to periodically connect to each complex and check its operation, and whether the alarm has been triggered (new signals detected).


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The I_RemoteCheck program provides the ability to efficiently and effectively remotely monitor single or multiple RF spectrum sensor data collection points at a facility or surveillance location simultaneously 24 X 7, logging all signal events that break an operator determined threshold. The program connects to all receivers or collection points for monitoring over a LAN with RadioInspector.

The I_RemoteCheck program was developed to simplify the process of monitoring both the operation of multiple data collection points and the detection of new signals. I_RemoteCheck is a program that signals the status of each connected radio monitoring complex using RadioInspectorRC(RT) software. RadioInspectorRC(RT) programs connect to the I_RemoteCheck program over the network, and periodically report their status.

Signal detection and alarm

The I_RemoteCheck program is installed on a separate computer and displays status icons in the form of coloured circles on the premises plan or on the electronic geographic map ("OpenStreetMap" is used). Each circle corresponds to one radio monitoring data collection point. The position of the circles shows their actual placement within the facility or geographic area. The operator can then determine the state of each monitoring point by the colour of the circle.

The program logs and displays the detection events for all combined receiver-sensor collection points simultaneously and for each collection point separately within the user interface. Information for each detected signal event includes receiver identification, time, date, frequency, signal level (db) and power over threshold (pkWt).

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